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CRL White Wood Shims [420 shims] - NWS9

CRL White Wood Shims [420 shims] - NWS9

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CRL White Wood Shims are made from northern white woods, and bundled conveniently for on-the-job use. CRL Cedar Shims are made from kiln dried western red cedar or white cedar. Most other cedar shims are made from inland cedar which tends to rot, but CRL Cedar Shims are better because they snap cleaner, making them especially suited for outdoor applications, such as between a concrete pad and a treated plate. CRL Cedar Shims are resistant to termites, and are specified in climates where termites are a problem. Wood Shims are also used for leveling door and window frames, cabinets and large appliances; and can also be used for stirring paints and stains or spreading mastics and adhesives.

Made From Northern White Wood or Kiln Dried Western Cedar | Handy for Builders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, and Glaziers

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