CRL/Jackson Adjustable Spring Power Multi Size 105 Degree Hold-Open Overhead Concealed Closer With "A" Offset Slide-Arm Hardware Package Aluminum by CR Laurence - 21101A18

  • $220.00

This CRL Jackson® Adjustable Spring Power Overhead Concealed Door Closer is available for A.D.A Barrier-Free applications. The Door Closer is adjustable in a range of Sizes from 1 (Barrier-Free) through 4 (Regular), allowing the spring power to be set for A.D.A. handicap barrier-free opening force requirements, as well as provide door control for a wide range of door types and sizes. This should make it your #1 choice for versatility and adaptability in a range of conditions.
A.D.A. NOTE: Although the Adjustable Spring Power Door Closer can be adjusted to compensate for site conditions, adequate closing force might not be obtained while complying with A.D.A. opening force requirements.
NOTE: An auxiliary floor or overhead door stop is recommended to prevent possible damage to both the door closer and entry way due to over-extension of maximum allowable door swing.

"A" Offset Slide-Arm Hardware Package for Doors with 5/8" Shallow Top Rails | Spring Power Adjustable Closer Suitable for Doors From 30" to 42" (762 to 1067 mm) Wide | Five Year Limited Warranty U.L. Listed | How To Order

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