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UVR Urea Dual Cartridge - Gray - EUCLID QJUVRGR

UVR Urea Dual Cartridge - Gray - EUCLID QJUVRGR

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EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR represents a new generation of polyurea technology with features and benefits unlike any other polyurea joint filler on the market. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR resists fading from ultraviolet light greater than any existing product on the market. It is a fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea, primarily sed for filling construction and control joints in industrial and commercial concrete floors. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR supports and protects joint edges from heavy loads and wheel traffic, reducing spalling of the joint edges. 

Brand: Euclid | Color: Gray | Container Capacity: 22 Ounce | Container Type: Cartridge

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