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Henry Pro Grade 920 White Roof Cartridge Sealant - HENRY PG920W 11

Henry Pro Grade 920 White Roof Cartridge Sealant - HENRY PG920W 11

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Pro-Grade® 920 Silicone Roof Sealant is a solvent-free sealant offering excellent UV resistance and weathering characteristics with no hardening, chalking, crazing, cracking or reverting. It also offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building materials. This one-component, moisture-curing, silicone sealant is used on existing spray polyurethane foam, smooth built-up, smooth modified bitumen, granulated modified bitumen, aged single ply membrane roofs, and metal roof seams, flashing, fasteners, drains and other various repair areas. Pro-Grade® 920 Silicone Roof Sealant is also used in non-structural glazing, as a weather seal, for vertical and horizontal crack repairs, vertical and horizontal 2-point adhesion on control joints, and can also be used in concrete restoration, stucco repairs/restoration, EIFS installation and restoration. It is fungus and mildew resistance. 

Brand: Henry | Color: White | Container Capacity: 10.1 Ounce | Container Type: Cartridge | Temperature Rating: 35 to 120 Deg F (Application), -40 to 200 Deg F (Performance) | Type: Silicone

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