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MasterSeal NP150 White Cartridge - MASTERSEAL VLM150 WH

MasterSeal NP150 White Cartridge - MASTERSEAL VLM150 WH

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MasterSeal NP150 is a high performance, very low-modulus, high-movement, non-sag, fast-curing, hybrid sealant. Wide temperature application range; Non-straining formula for use on stone and other sensitive substrates; Superior adhesion results in a long-lasting bond, helping to reduce call backs; Low Modulus to accommodate for joint movement (100% extension in EIEFS joints with little stress on bond line); Can be painted with elastomeric coatings soon after installation; Easy to gun and tool, speeding up application; Weather resistant for Long-Lasting weathertight seals; Fast-curing helps to speed up jobsite production.

Brand: MasterSeal | Color: White | Container Capacity: 300 Milliliter | Container Type: Cartridge | Temperature Rating: -40 to 82 Deg C (Service)

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