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Vulkem 116 Gray Cartrige - VULKEM 116GR

Vulkem 116 Gray Cartrige - VULKEM 116GR

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Vulkem 116 has a 30-year history of delivering superior primerless adhesion to porous substrates, which makes it the choice for sealing expansions joints in commercial construction applications; Suitable for certain water immersion applications; Rated for +/-25% movement capacity; The cure of the sealant can be accelerated with the addition of the Vulkem Catalyst 45/116; Vulkem 116 is durable, flexible and offers excellent performance in dynamic joints.

Color: Gray | Container Capacity: 10.1 Fluid Ounce | Container Type: Cartridge | Temperature Rating: 40 to 110 Deg F | Type: 1-Component. Textured Polyurethane, Moisture Curing | Units of Measure: CTG

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