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CRL 9" Wrist and Thumb Joint Protector [pair] - 2404420

CRL 9" Wrist and Thumb Joint Protector [pair] - 2404420

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Product Overview

CRL's 9" (229 mm) long leather Wrist and Thumb Joint Protector is perfect for glaziers or anyone who handles or fabricates glass. A full length hook-and-loop closer provides a secure and snug fit around the forearm. It does not restrict wrist or arm movement. Sold only by the pair.

Product Warning: Glassworker protective gear is designed to help prevent accidental cuts from casual contact with the edges of glass. Protectors are not designed to protect the wearer from falling fragments or shattering of glass.

  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Easy to Put On and Take Off
  • Provides Protection Against Possible Injury
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