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CRL Handi-Foam Triple Expanding [33 Ounce Can] - F0M03

CRL Handi-Foam Triple Expanding [33 Ounce Can] - F0M03

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CRL Handi-Foam Triple Expanding is a one-component polyurethane foam in a pressurized can that expands up to three times its original volume. Use Handi-Foam as a fill to stop air infiltration from cracks, gaps, holes, etc. Use for gaps less than 3" (76 mm) and in bead applications. Requires moisture to cure, becomes tack-free in 10 minutes, and cures in 12 to 24 hours. Net weight: 29 oz. (822 g). Minimum order is one each. 12 per case.

Important Notes: Contents are very sticky and may be irritating to skin and eyes. Therefore, wear Safety Glasses , Gloves and adequate clothing when operating.

Insulates and Soundproofs | Seals Around Window and Door Frames, Air Ducts, and Pipes

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