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CRL Laguna Series Transom/Sidelite Door Stop Fitting - LS11BS

CRL Laguna Series Transom/Sidelite Door Stop Fitting - LS11BS

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The CRL Transom/Sidelite Door Stop Fitting connects the sidelite panel to the glass transom. Comes with both Flush Mount and Surface Mount Fasteners.

NOTE: The following guidelines are to be used when making a door using this hardware:

Maximum Height: 98-1/2" (2500 mm)
Maximum Weight: 176 Lbs. (80 kg)
Maximum Width: 47-1/4" (1200 mm)

If the door exceeds any of these limitations, full door rails should be used.

Product Warning: STRUCTURAL DISCLAIMER - All customers who in any way utilize this product are solely responsible to consult a structural engineer to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and site conditions. All installers must be qualified and have professional knowledge about compliance with local, state and federal regulations, safety factors, and the appropriate choice of fixing material and procedures.

  • Brushed Stainless Finish
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