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CRL SwasiClamp Accessory Kit - UV2010A

CRL SwasiClamp Accessory Kit - UV2010A

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Add the CRL SwasiClamp Accessory Kit and double the range of options of your SwasiClamp. Consisting of an additional 4-3/4" (121 mm) vacuum cup and another threaded plunger arm, this kit allows clamping of additional angles and added force to original configurations. The Accessory Plunger Arm can clip onto the SwasiClamp articulated arm or into the Accessory Vacuum Cup. Whether your work scope involves shower doors or glass furniture bonding with UV adhesives, the CRL SwasiClamp and SwasiClamp Accessory Kit will be your installer's new best friend.

Doubles the Range of Your SwasiClamp | 4-3/4" (121 mm) Vacuum Cup

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